Are you looking for a Poop Scooper for your dog? Do you need that pet grunge cleared up from your home or private facility? Doggie’s Patrol is here to clean up the goo from your area at affordable rates without you having to stress about litter piling up.

WELCOME To Doggie Patrol’s Dog Pooper Scooper Service

If you’re located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we can help you with your dog poop removal needs. Why let that pet poop heap up at your place while you fret about ways to purge it away.  We specialize in pet waste removal and offer the highest level of cleanliness, efficient clear-up, and reliable customer service.

Weeks of dog poop can naturally get you tipped off and affect the hygiene around your place as well. Your go-to fix is Doggie’s Patrol. We will instantly arrive at your designated location to pick up your dog’s leftovers. Flay the stress of cleaning it up yourself and bring peace & comfort in your life. Our unmatched Pooper Scooper services include:

  • Pet waste removal and cleaning, installation & upkeep of your pet waste
  • Odor control for dog waste and maintenance of pet station
  • Odor control for artificial turf
  • Pet waste removal from condominiums & apartments as well
  • Cleaning of parks, gardens, pavements & bike paths
  • Dedicated staff for scooping pet grunge in special events
  • One time Pooper Scooper service for crawl spaces, rooftops, pools, and backyards
  • Use of Dog Poop Bag Dispensers and Sprays to control the spread of disease
  • Dog poop removal service regularly

We help clear up any dog poop within your area to keep you and your family protected from infections and any pest infestation that could harm your family’s health & general wellness. Order our pet waste removal services now by calling 1-866-DOG-DUTY (364-3889)  to keep your area clean affordably.

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