Welcome to Doggie Patrol Service Areas.

We Proudly Services the following areas in Pooper Scooper and Pet Waste Removal Services in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.

Have That Doggie Mess Cleared Up!

Are you looking for a Poop Scooper for your dog? Do you need that pet grunge cleared up from your home or private facility? Doggie’s Patrol is here to clean up the goo from your area at affordable rates without you having to stress about litter piling...

Doggie Waste and run off

Doggie Waste and run off

Doggie Patrol has worked with Dallas, Carrollton and Fort Worth water department, the government agency in charge of protecting our water quality from creeks, lakes and streams. A lot of people don’t think about the dog poop left in their back yard week...

Welcome to Doggie Patrol!

Welcome to Doggie Patrol!

We are a Pooper Scooper Service in the Lewisville / Flower Mound area, specializing in Pet Waste Removal for the entire Dallas / Fort Worth Texas area. Are you tired of cleaning dog poop from your shoes on a weekly basis? Why not get your yard back for a...

Pet Waste Facts

Pet Waste Facts

Many people have incorrect beliefs about dog waste and the dangers it poses to your health and our environment, such as “If I just leave it out in the yard for awhile, it will just go away and not hurt anything.” Another false belief is that dog poop is...

Poop Scooper Service Rates

ONE DOG$11.73$10.13
TWO DOGS$13.86$11.19
THREE DOGS$16.00$12.26
FOUR DOGS$19.19$13.90
FIVE DOGS$22.40$17.40

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We want to be your Pet Waste Disposal Service!

  • Phone: 866-364- 3889 or 817-528- 2745
  • Location: 1011 Surrey Lane, Building 200 Flower Mound Texas 75022
  • Scoop Master & President: David Owen

Mission Statement

To provide affordable and professional Pet Waste Removal to the dog lovers and owners in our community. We are here to make your life easier and more enjoyable by offering superior, reliable pooper scooper service.

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Doggie Patrol
Phone: 866-364- 3889 or 817-528- 2745
Address: 1011 Surrey Lane,
Building 200 Flower Mound Texas 75022