Pet Waste Stations

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 Stations are built to withstand rigorous use and extreme weather. The large dispenser box holds 800 bags, 200 more than the other guys’, meaning fewer maintenance hours. Perfect for the homeowner’s associations. Keep the poop off guests’ shoes and in the trash. Your solutions to keeping dog-friendly areas free from pet waste.

Product Description

Perfect for tight budgets and will fit almost anywhere! Our Dog Waste Stations with Doggie Poop Waste Bags encourage pet waste cleanup in your Dog Walking Areas. Money Saving Budget Pet Waste Eliminator Kits create a Disposal System to make sure Dog Walkers clean up after their pets.

Product Details

80 Pet Waste Bags on Header Cards
1 Pet Waste Dispenser Box

Dog Waste Bags – 8 x 13″

Your neighbor’s best friend. Used everywhere.

  • Pull the bag over hand to pick up dog waste.
  • Reverse bag, tie a knot and dispose of.
  • For use with Dog Waste System.

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